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Freedom qua Spontaneity:

The Lacanian Subject in the Critique of Pure Reason


Table of Contents

Introduction [Text]

Part I: Kant’s Lacanian Subject in the Paralogisms [Text]

Opening Remarks [Text]

First Paralogism of Substantiality [Text]

Second Paralogism of Simplicity [Text]

Third Paralogism of Personality [Text]

Closing Remarks [Text]

Part II: Locating the Subject’s Spontaneity [Text]

Opening Remarks [Text]

Allison and ‘proto-conceptualization’ [Text]

Heidegger and the ‘root of the two stems’ [Text]

Heidegger and the ‘root of the root’ [Text]

Žižek and the ‘pre-synthetic’ [Text]

Closing Remarks [Text]

Conclusion [Text]

Notes [Text]

Bibliography [Text]

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