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No. of Players: 2+
Type of Game: written and spoken
What you need: pen and paper


To guess a common saying from its initials.

How to play

The gamemaster writes down on a piece of paper the first letters of each word of a common saying. This could be, for instance, a motto, an adage, a proverb, a quotation, or a book title. The other players then try to guess what the saying is from the initials alone. If no one guesses correctly, the gamemaster gives successive hints until someone gets it. The first player to guess the phrase correctly wins and gets to choose the new saying for the next round.


Ava writes down the initials FLG. No player guesses correctly, so she tells them to think of corporate slogans. The hint is not good enough, so she starts to pluck like a chicken and lick her fingers. Ben guesses correctly with "Finger Lickin' Good," the slogan from the fast food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken. He then writes down OATGJIATTIATWSWIM and says it is a famous quote from a classic American film. They need another hint, so he says these words were spoken by Humphrey Bogart, and then minutes later gives them another hint: it was in the movie Casablanca. Connie immediately says "Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine."

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