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No. of Players: 1+
Type of Game: written
What you need: pen and paper


To solve riddles leading to words whose first letters spell out another word.

How to play

Acrostics are puzzles in which the leading letters in each line form a new word or phrase. In this game, one player prepares in advance an acrostic, in poetic form, for the other players to solve. Each line of the poem leads to a word, and the first letters of each of these words spell out the mystery word. The first player to correctly solve the entire puzzle is declared the winner and prepares a new puzzle for the next round.

If playing alone, the challenge is to simply create an acrostic puzzle.

More complex variations of this game include:

Double Acrostics a game where the first and last letters form two mystery words; and
Triple Acrostics a game where the first, last and middle letters form three mystery words


Alana prepares the following five-line poem in advance for Barry, Crystal and Danica to solve. She tells them each line is a riddle with a single word solution, and that the first letters of these five words spell out a type of tree:

The apple of Daddy's eye.
It stops a boat from going bye-bye.
A Chinese fire drill.
Just beyond the window sill,
Sits Santa's little guy.




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