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No. of Players: 2
Type of Game: written
What you need: pen and paper


To use up every letter of the alphabet by forming words in a grid.

How to play

Both players write the 26 letters of the alphabet on their own piece of paper. They then create a grid of blank squares of a predetermined size – say 7×7 – on a third piece of paper. The players take turns writing words into the grid in an interlocking fashion. After each turn they cross out the letters that they just placed into the grid on their own piece of paper. But they cannot cross out letters that existed in the grid prior to their turn. The first player to cross out all 26 letters on their paper is the winner, or the player that has the fewest letters left is the winner if it is no longer possible to form words in the grid.

This word game is similar to Crosswords For Two.


Allen is first and writes QUALITY to get rid of Q, one of the harder letters to use (like X and Z). Britney must then write a word that will interlock with Allen’s word. She chooses ANXIOUS, which allows her to get rid of all the letters in that word except I since it was already in the grid. And so on.

7 by 7 grid with words QUALITY and ANXIOUS; 26 letters of the alphabet listed under the names Allen and Britney

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