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a few words crossed together
No. of Players: 1+
Type of Game: written
What you need: pen and paper


To solve clues to themed and interlocking words.

How to play

Crosswords are popular word puzzles usually played on professionally edited game boards commonly found in newspapers and published books. But simplified versions can be made for friends and family to solve.

One player prepares an empty grid in which six words will be written. These words are linked by a common theme and a clue is given for each word. The other players then take turns writing the solutions to the clues in the grid. Points are given for each letter in a solved word. The player with the highest score is the winner. Bonus points are given to the first player to guess the theme word or phrase. The number of words can be adjusted according to desired game length and will vary according to the skill of the preparer.

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Alaina prepares the following empty grid and writes 10 clues for Bernice to solve. She is given a 15 minute time limit.

empty crossword grid
(1) The writing on the wall.
(2) Place to check out books.
(3) Opposite of (7).
(4) Pencil remover.
(5) Coed, pupil, scholar.
(6) Examination.
(7) Inform, instruct, tutor.
(8) Assignments for later.
(9) Place for physical activity.
(10) Tool to use with (1)

Bernice successfully solves all 10 clues and discovers the theme word SCHOOL within the time given.

crossword grid with answers

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