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No. of Players: 1+
Type of Game: written
What you need: pen and paper


To create or solve mathematical puzzles where digits are replaced by letters.

How to play

A cryptarithm (or alphametic) puzzle is a puzzle where words are arranged in a mathematical expression with letters substituted for numbers. The most common mathematical expression is addition, but subtraction, multiplication and division problems can be turned into a cryptarithm by replacing numbers with appropriate letters. A few rules are usually established, such as: the leading letter cannot be zero, each letter must represent a unique digit, and solutions must be unique. Players can challenge themselves by trying to create their own cryptarithm, or they can try solving cryptarithms created by others.


(1) Here is a famous cryptarithm and its solution:

cyptarithm: SEND + MORE = MONEY


solution to cyptarithm: SEND + MORE = MONEY

(2) Can you determine the value of each letter in this well-known multiplication cryptarithm?

cyptarithm: BOB x BOB = MARLEY


solution to cyptarithm: BOB x BOB = MARLEY

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