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Group Spellers

No. of Players: 3+
Type of Game: spoken
What you need: dictionary


To spell words with each player contributing one letter at a time.

How to play

Players sit in a circle. The gamemaster selects a word from the dictionary, gives its definition, and puts it into a sentence (this is particularly important in cases of homonyms and other potentially confusing words). Once any possible confusion is cleared up, the player to the left of the gamemaster gives the first letter of the word. The player to that player’s left then gives the second letter. And so on, clockwise round the circle. Any player who makes a mistake or hesitates longer than, say, five seconds, is out of the game. The gamemaster gives additional words until only one player is left. That player then becomes the gamemaster for the next round. The player who becomes the gamemaster the most times is the overall game champion.

This game is similar to Spelling Bee and Reverse Spelling Bee.


Andrew is elected to be the first gamemaster.

Andrew: The first word is absence which is the state of not being present. Everyone good?
Everyone: Yes!
Andrew: Baxter, you start us off.
Baxter: A
Claire: B
Darlene: S
Edward: E
Baxter: N
Claire: um... S?
Andrew: Wrong. It's C, then E. You're out. Next word is...

And so on.

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