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No. of Players: 1+
Type of Game: written
What you need: pen and paper


To find words containing letters used the same number of times.

How to play

Isograms are words that have non-repeating letters, or have letters that repeat the same number of times. Players challenge themselves and others to find different types of isograms according to whether the letters are used once, twice or three times. The player with the longest word in each category is the winner. Alternatively, the gamemaster prepares a list of isograms that are co-mingled with other non-isogram words and presents this list to the other players. The first player to correctly identify all the isograms is the winner and becomes the gamemaster for the next round.


Aria gives Bianca two challenges: (A) Write down progressively longer words, starting with the one-letter word a, which contain letters that appear only once. (B) Find the longest words you can which contain letters that appear twice or even three times. Bianca is given 10-minutes. Here are her two lists:

(A) a, to, cat, desk, house, mister, isogram, neighbor, anxiously, mistakenly
(B) deed, toot, peep

Bianca got as far as a 10-letter word with non-repeating letters, and three 4-letter words with letters that appear twice. Additional examples include:

(A) birthplaces (11 letters), housewarming (12 letters), troublemaking (13 letters)
(B) intestines (a 10-letter word with letters that appear twice)

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