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Monosyllabic Q & A

No. of Players: 2+
Type of Game: spoken
What you need: nothing


To pose and answer questions using just one-syllable words.

How to play

Players sit in a circle and take turns asking the player to their left a question. Both the question and the answer can only use monosyllabic words. Simple YES or NO answers are not permitted. Answers must be longer than a single word and in the form of a full sentence. Any player who mistakenly uses a word with more than one syllable must drop out of the game. The last player left is the winner. For added fun, a short time limit can be set for answers.

This game is similar to Short Story.


The seven players sit in a circle.

Alfonso: What do you eat?
Brenon I eat oats. Do you think I am a horse?
Carole You look like a horse for sure. Are you too warm or too cold now?
Daisy: I am just right, thank you. I think May is the best month. Do you?
Erwin June is better. What do...

Multiple players note Erwin's use of 'better' and he drops out.

Famke: I will say June is best too. Gwenn, do you like March?
Gwenn March is too cold for me. Where do you go to get your hair cut?
Alfonso I stay home and Famke cuts it for me. Why are...

Alfonso drops out for using 'Famke.'

Brenon: I go to Frank's Cuts on Third Street. Are you a rich gal?
Carole I have no cash this month at all...

And so on.

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