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Proverbial Questions

No. of Players: 2+
Type of Game: spoken
What you need: nothing


To ask and answer questions using proverbs.

How to play

One player thinks of a proverb and asks a question which can be answered by that proverb. The first player to correctly answer gets to ask the question in the next round. The player who won the most rounds wins the game.


Archie: How do great minds think?
Bethany: Great minds think alike. What's better than sorry?
Carl: Safe! Better safe than sorry... What's equivalent to money?
Doug: Time is money. Something that doesn't pay?
Bethany: Crime. It's better than aspirin or any other medicine.
Archie: Laughter. If you eat these fruits daily, the doctor won't come knocking.
Carl: Apples. Name one thing you definitely won't find growing in your maple tree.
Doug: Money. How much is a picture worth?
Archie: A thousand words. What's the common denominator to a flock of birds?
Carl: Their feathers. What shouldn't you do with a book?
Bethany: Judge it by its cover. What shouldn't you put too many of in the fire?
Carl: Irons. The bold are more likely to get this than the timid.
Archie: Fortune. What's the best policy?
Doug: Honesty. If you start acting like a Roman, where are you?
Archie: Rome.

And so on.

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