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Reverse Spelling Bee

cartoon bee (reversed)
No. of Players: 2+
Type of Game: spoken
What you need: nothing


To spell words backwards.

How to play

This is a variation of the Back-words word game. One player is the word giver and says a word to the next player who must spell that word backwards. Players drop out of the game with incorrect spellings. Alternatively, points can be given for correct spellings, or taken away for unsuccessful attempts. The player with the most points becomes the word giver in the next round. Players can also divide into two teams if there are enough players; in which case, players from one team give words to players of the other team to spell backwards. The team with the most points after a set number of rounds is declared the winner. Players can also agree on a set maximum (or minimum) word length, or gradually increase the length of words from round to round for added difficulty.

This game is similar to Spelling Bee and Group Spellers.


Aubree: How do you spell MARRIAGE backwards?
Brisa: E–G–A–I–R–R–A–M
Aubree: Correct, one point awarded. How do you spell GRAPPLE backwards?
Cody: E–L–P–A–R–G
Aubree: Nope. There are two P's. You lose a point. Next word is ENDORSE.
Duke: E–S–R–O–D–N–E.
Aubree: That's a point.

And so on.

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