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Free Forex Trading eBooks

Here are some eBooks on foreign exchange (forex) trading. They can further assist you in developing and implementing your trading system, whether you intend to trade foreign currencies or not. EBooks with a specific focus on options have been posted on a separate page. Also see this page for eBooks with a wider focus on trading, and for an important note.

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  • 10 Mistakes in Trading Forex – Mark So points out what not to do in the forex market. From trading with 'fearful' money (mistake #1) and without stops (#2), to quitting prematurely (#10). 12 pages
  • Euro Forex Secrets – Zach Nester focuses on the EUR-USD pair, arguing that it is superior to other currency pairs in terms of volatility, trading volume, liquidity, and predictability. Includes strategies, techniques, and a list of common trading mistakes. Illustrations. 21 pages
  • Forex at Eye Level – Geared to the forex beginner, this ebook provides an overview of what currency trading is and how to get started online, with an analysis of common technical patterns and forecast methods used today. Table of contents, charts, extensive glossary of 570+ terms. 114 pages
  • Forex Manual for Successful Trading – This ebook places major foreign exchange markets into historical perspective, then delves into fundamental and technical analysis (e.g., spotting trend reversals, using wave analysis). Detailed table of contents, glossary with 300+ entries. 141 pages
  • Forex Seasonal Patterns – Cory Mitchell advises that traders analyze charts looking for patterns which correspond to seasons of the year. This is done with the EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, AUD/USD and USD/CAD forex pairs. Use of charts, table of contents. 21 pages

Use these ebooks to help build your own complete trading system.