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Free Options Trading eBooks

Here are some eBooks on options trading. They can help you in developing and implement your trading system, regardless if you intend to trade options or not. EBooks with a wider focus on trading and a specific focus on forex are posted separately. See the top of this page for additional information and for an important note.

  1. Binaries 101This ebook provides basic information on what the binary option contract is, how its trading price is determined prior to its expiration, and the relationship between binary pricing and probability. Concrete examples given throughout the lesson. 2 pages
  1. Binary Options Trading Strategy – This strategy calls for trading binary options using Fibonacci channels. Outlines are given of the trading rules, entry/exit criteria and confirming indicators to be used, as well as tips on money management. Illustrative use of charts. 21 pages
  1. Core Point and Figure Chart Patterns – The options trader is advised to use point and figure charting to gain leading information around supply and demand. Eleven classic patterns are identified and illustrated. 18 pages

Use these ebooks to begin building a complete swing trading system here.


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