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About Us

Hello! My name is Charles Waterford and I create puzzle books. Actually, my grandchildren help out too, so to be fair, it's really a collaborative effort. As an organization, we call ourselves Purple Rose Puzzles. We're still new at this, but we think our puzzles are pretty good and the feedback we've gotten so far tells us we are on the right track.

Over the past few years, we've published dozens of word search puzzle books. We've also created a webpage where people can easily browse our books in one place. We invite you to take a look. You'll see we already have quite a selection.

As a way of saying thanks to our customers, we've also put together a bunch of word search puzzles you can print out for free. By 'a bunch' we mean over 5,500. We add to this number on a regular basis.

So far we've focused on word searches. But we're now expanding into fill-in puzzles, crossword puzzles, sudoku puzzles, and something we call Even Stevens. We already have quite a few. And we plan on adding other types of puzzles in the future.

In all, there are over 7,200 fully-printable puzzles for you to enjoy. Always free!

More Info

Charles Waterford was a K–12 school teacher for over 30 years. Retired and widowed, Charles now enjoys spending time with his grandchildren. He is happy to report they also love word games, and are always eager to help their grandfather make puzzle books whenever they can.

A fresh voice in game book publishing, Charles Waterford is committed to bringing you the finest puzzle collections, in the firm belief that top quality means top fun!

All books published by Charles Waterford are printed on thick, non-bleed-through paper, in contrast to the newsprint puzzle books you find in most grocery store checkout aisles. They make perfect gifts for the puzzle lover in your life.

Contact Us

Email us at: purplerosepuzzles@gmail.com