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Trading Days Calendar for 2020 (with historical data)

***At the close of trading on Friday, September 25, there are 67 trading days (or 429.5 trading hours) left in 2020***
Month of September: 21 trading days and 1 holiday
Last market closure: Labor Day (Monday, September 7)
Next market closure: Thanksgiving Day (Thursday, November 26)
Is the stock market open today? Use the table immediately below to find out. It is the 2020 trading days calendar for the NYSE and NASDAQ.
(Further below are calendars for 2019, 2018, 2017 and 2016.)

Colored days indicate the stock exchanges are closed or have truncated trading sessions. The weekend days of Saturday and Sunday are in pink.
Holidays and special market hour days are in blue. Non-colored days indicate the exchanges are open for trading.

Regular market hours are 9:30am–4:00pm EST. Short sessions end at 1:00pm EST.

Below each calendar is a list of holidays with the dates they fall on for that year. To the right are the number of trading days and hours in that month and quarter.
     For example, November 2020 has one full holiday (Thanksgiving Day), a short session on November 27 where the markets close early, and 19 regular trading sessions. With 6.5 trading hours on regular days and 3.5 on short days, there are a total of 127 trading hours for that month.
stock market trading day calendar for 2020

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stock market trading day calendar for 2019
stock market trading day calendar for 2018
stock market trading day calendar for 2017
stock market trading day calendar for 2016

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