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Swing Trading Strategies

There is, of course, no single way to swing trade. If there were, there really wouldn't be much to discuss. Because everybody would be trading exactly the same way.

Do a little research and you'll discover dozens – hundreds – of different strategies to buy and sell financial instruments for profit. Really, there are as many trading strategies as there are traders who trade. No one way is better than the other per se. You'll search in vain for that one strategy everyone else has overlooked, but is destined to make you rich. It doesn't exist. If it had, it would have been found already.

What does exist are strategies more suited to some traders' personalities than others. Just as someone looking to turn a profit in a week's time wouldn't use a buy and hold strategy, the risk-averse trader is unlikely to use aggressive day trading techniques. Shop around a little before you stake your money in the markets. Finding out what works for you beforehand will greatly increase your odds of being successful.

Here are a few simple trading techniques and strategies to get you started:

  • 3-Touch Support – Learn how to enter and exit trades based on support lines. Extended discussion version.

  • 3-Touch Support (core version) – Learn how to enter and exit trades based on support lines. Focus is on the core strategy.

  • 3-Touch Resistance – Learn how to enter and exit trades based on resistance lines.

  • short on 4 – Learn how to sell short based on a change in trend.

Guest Posts:

  • forex strategies – A discussion of effective strategies for part-time traders of foreign exchange.

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