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Adverbs in Action

No. of Players: 2+
Type of Game: miming
What you need: nothing


To guess an adverb from the way players act out a particular action.

How to play

Players divide into two teams, the guessing team and the acting team. The two teams go into separate rooms. Once the acting team decides on a particular adverb, the two teams reassemble in a common room. Taking turns, the members of the guessing team then ask the acting team to carry out a particular action in a manner which suggests the adverb. This word must be guessed from the way players in the acting team carry out their actions.


Artie and Barbara, the acting team, leave the room and choose the word RAPIDLY. They return to the room where Carl and Debra, the guessing team, wait for them. Carl asks them to act out ‘watching TV’ in the manner suggestive of the chosen adverb. Artie grabs the remote off the coffee table in a quick motion, while Barbara picks up the TV guide and begins frantically pointing at it and the TV so Artie knows what channel to select. They both sit down and wildly move their eyes around at the screen, while shifting around on the couch in an attempt to get comfortable. Carl and Debra miss with their guesses SWIFTLY and QUICKLY. So they ask Artie and Barbara to act out ‘using the computer’ in the manner of the adverb, whereupon the acting team both pull up imaginary keyboards and frantically begin typing out imaginary messages. Carl guesses SPEEDILY wrongly, but Debra finally guesses RAPIDLY correctly.

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