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No. of Players: 1+
Type of Game: written
What you need: pen and paper


To think of a list of words ordered alphabetically.

How to play

Players are to list words that begin with each letter of the alphabet and that are followed by a hyphen (e.g., A-list, B-side, C-section, D-day...). The player that makes the longest list within a specified time, or the first player to list 26 words with hyphens, is the winner.

Another challenge involving the alphabet is to think of complete words that sound like all the letters of the alphabet (e.g., Aye, Bee, See...).

A third alphabetical game challenges players to think of words used to clarify the spelling of letters, like people often do over the phone. However, instead of providing words to accurately spell out all the letters of the alphabet (like “A as in apple,” “B as in Bobby,” etc...), players think of words that would be thoroughly misleading to the listener (like “H as in herb,” “K as in knife,” “T as in tsunami,” “P as in psychology,” etc...). The player with the longest list, or the first player to finish all 26 letters, is the winner.

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