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Alpha Sentence

sentence that reads as A boy can daily enjoy fun games here
No. of Players: 1+
Type of Game: written
What you need: pen and paper


To write a sentence of 26 words in alphabetical order.

How to play

Players challenge themselves or others to write a sentence with 26 words arranged in alphabetical order. Each word must be different, and each word must start with a different letter of the alphabet. The competition can be timed for added difficulty and the player who finishes first, or has the most words at the end of that time, is declared the winner.

Alternatively, the game can be made easier by relaxing the rules of grammar and spelling. For instance, words starting with the letters EX can be substituted for words starting with X. Players can also agree that they will only use the first 5 (or 10...) letters of the alphabet instead of all 26, or else use some other alphabetical sequence in the middle of the alphabet.


A bear can dance extremely fast going headlong into jelly, kneeling lovingly, magically, nonsensically over pastures quizzically, relaxes suddenly though, until very weakly x-pires your zeal.

Did you know?

The world's longest sentence is 2,403,109 words in length. It was published in Nigel Tomm's 2008 novel The Blah Story.

three books stacked on top of each other

Since it takes 3,248 pages to write out all of its 15,403,732 characters (with spaces), it must run across multiple volumes of the novel: while it begins in Volume 16, the ending period is only dropped in Volume 19.

chains of letters running into vanishing horizon

Incidently, this sentence also contains the world's longest word, which clocks in with a jaw-dropping 3,609,750 letters!

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