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Alphabetical Adjectives

No. of Players: 2+
Type of Game: spoken
What you need: nothing


To think of adjectives ordered alphabetically.

How to play

The first player says a two-word phrase consisting of an adjective beginning with A and a noun. The next player must then say a phrase consisting of an adjective beginning with B, and a noun that begins with the same letter as the noun spoken by the first player. This process repeats round the players. Anyone who cannot think of a suitable phrase is out of the game. The last player remaining is the winner. Alternatively, players must think of adjectives starting with the same letter as the first one spoken, with successive nouns working through the alphabet. For added difficulty, successive adjective and noun combinations must both start with the same letter.

This word game is similar to Alphabetical Animals


Amber: Amused penguin
Bianca: Blue pencil
Chuck: Crazy pigeon
Davita: Dainty porcupine
Emma: Eccentric pastor
Amber: Tasty apricot
Bianca: Tired baby
Chuck: Tough camel
Davita: Tender deer
Emma: Terrible eraser
Amber: Angry ant
Bianca: Beautiful balloon
Chuck: Confused congressman
Davita: Dazed doctor
Emma: Eerie eel

Did you know?

There are approximately 125,000 adjectives in the English language. That's a lot of words to consider when looking to perfectly describe that jaw-dropping sunset before us.

word cloud with the five words Amazing! Jolting! Awesome!	Stunning! Eye-opening! in front of a sunset over the ocean

This estimate is based on the fact that about a quarter of the words we use are adjectives – and if we assume there are 500,000 total words. That total is based on the number of entries found in unabridged dictionaries like Webster's Third New International Dictionary.

word cloud with the five words Astounding! Blindsiding! Shocking! Startling! Surprising! in front of a sunset over the ocean

Incidently, this means there are approximately 250,000 nouns, 70,000 verbs, and 55,000 adverbs, exclamations, conjunctions and prepositions.

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