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No. of Players: 2+
Type of Game: spoken
What you need: nothing


To think of antonyms of a given word.

How to play

An antonym is a word opposite in meaning to another. In this game, one player will say a word and the other players will try to think of a word that means its opposite. The winner is the first player who thinks of an acceptable antonym; this player then becomes the one to give a new word for the next round. For more difficult game play, players are asked to think of a word that means the opposite of two words.


Antonio speaks to Blair, Clay and Dahlia.

Antonio: Give me an antonym to the word CLEAR.
Clay: VAGUE. Give me an antonym to SAD.
Blair: HAPPY. Antonym for TIRED?
Dahlia: ENERGETIC. How about an antonym for both RIGHT and STAYED?
Antonio: LEFT. Antonym for UNEMPLOYED and BROKEN please.

And so on.

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