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Apple Pie ABC

apple pie with apples and knife
No. of Players: 2+
Type of Game: spoken
What you need: nothing


To create an alphabetical series of statements.

How to play

The first player thinks of a word that begins with A like apple pie and then says it in this way: 'A was an apple pie.' Next, he must think of a verb that begins with A and say it in the same format, like 'A ate it.' The second player then thinks of a verb that begins with the next letter of the alphabet and places it into a sentence, like 'B baked it,' and so on. Players work through the alphabet and must drop out of the game out whenever they cannot think of a suitable word, until only the winner is left.


Andrew: A was an automobile and A abandoned it.
Brooke: B borrowed it.
Cesar: C controlled it.
Dominic: D drove it.
Esther: E eyed it.
Frank: F found it.

And so on.

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