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man weilding an axe about to cut the letter T from the word TAX so only AX is left
No. of Players: 1+
Type of Game: written or spoken
What you need: pen & paper or nothing


To find two words that differ by one letter.

How to play

In word game parlance, a Beheadment is the removal of the initial letter of a word to form a new word, like removing P from PLOW to get LOW. Although for this game, the removed letter can be any letter in the word, like removing S from COST to get COT. One challenge would be for the player or players to write down as many pairs of words that they can think of that differ by a dropped letter; the player with the longest list is then declared the winner. A more interactive game has one player giving hints to pairs of words that differ by just one letter. The other players would then need to guess this word, and be awarded points for doing so. If players opt to just find words that differ by a dropped last letter, like CLOUD and CLOUDY, the game might be called Curtailments instead.


Alejandro: Behead a far away location for one close to us.
Alejandro: Curtail the midpoint between hot and cold to get armed conflict between countries.
Carly: WARM and WAR.

And so on.

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