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Bird, Beast or Fish

silhouettes of bird, lion and fish
No. of Players: 2+
Type of Game: spoken
What you need: nothing


To guess a word from its first letter.

How to play

The first player thinks of a type of bird, beast (animal) or fish. The second player asks him two questions: “Is it a bird, beast or fish?” and “What is the first letter?” The first player answers accordingly. The second player must then guess what the mystery word is using only this information. If there are only two players, the second player is granted a set number of guesses before conceding defeat. If there are more than two players and the second player does not guess correctly, the third player gets to guess. Players that guess correctly become the one who thinks of a bird, beast or fish for the next round. Other categories, like flowers, trees, countries, rivers, etc., can be added as well.


Austin thinks of a mystery word in one of the agreed upon categories and signals he is ready.

Blaire: Is it a bird, beast or fish?
Austin: Fish
Blaire: What is the first letter?
Austin: C. You have 3 guesses.
Austin: Nope. You have 2 guesses left.
Blaire: COD
Austin: Yes!

Did you know?

According to Guinness World Records, the largest BIRD is the flightless North African ostrich. Males can grow up to 9 feet tall and weigh 345 pounds. This is a tad bigger than the world's smallest bird, the Cuban hummingbird, which is 2¼ inches long and weighs just 0.056 ounces – or about the size and weight of a jumbo paper clip.

front view of cartoon ostrich

The world's largest BEAST (mammal) actually lives in the ocean. Coming in at 160 tons, the blue whale grows to around 80 feet. (Interestingly, this is not the longest animal on Earth. That honor goes to the bootlace worm which can grow up to 180 feet.) The smallest mammal is Kitt's hog-nosed bat. It has a body about the size of a large bumble-bee, with a total length of 1¼ inches, a wingspan of 5 inches, and is about 80 million times lighter than the blue whale.

cartoon blue whale

What about FISH? The largest is the elusive whale shark which scientists believe grow between 13–39 feet on average. But since one specimen caught off the coast of India in 2001 measured 61 feet and 8 inches long, they likely grow much larger. The world's smallest fish is a species of anglerfish which tops out at 0.24 inches long.

cartoon whale shark standing

We live in a very diverse world indeed.

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