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Chain Reaction

metal chain with 3 links   chemical reaction in lab beaker

No. of Players: 2 plus 1
Type of Game: written or spoken
What you need: pen and paper


To find a series of words associated one to the other.

How to play

Gamemasters create a chain of words where each word is associated in some way to the word that precedes it, and to the word that follows it. All the words, except the first and the last, are then removed and copies are distributed to the two teams of players. Players need to work their way down the chain, filling in the missing words along the way. To aid players in this task, the gamemaster gives letters, one by one, for the next missing word. The first player, or team of players, to correctly fill out the entire chain of words, is declared the winner.


Alexa presents the following 8-word chain to the two players:


By a flip of a coin, Belinda is chosen to go first. Alexa tells her the second word starts with the letter S. Belinda correctly guesses SHOWER. She then asks for a letter to the third word. She is told S again, but she cannot guess the word, so it is Carl's turn. Players are allowed to ask for a letter before making a guess, but he is confident he knows the word. He guesses SOAP but he is told he is wrong. The turn passes back to Belinda, who asks for a letter. Being told it is P, she correctly guesses SPRING. She then asks for a letter to the fourth word, but cannot guess the word that starts with A. Carl immediately asks for another letter, is told it is P, and correctly guesses APRIL. He asks for a letter to the fifth word and also correctly guesses FOOLS. He becomes confident once again and correctly guesses GOLD without asking for a letter. But he cannot think of the seventh word even when given the letter R. Belinda asks for another letter, gets an E, and then correctly guesses RECORD to complete the chain and win the game.



In case you're wondering, the images under the title of this word game form a rebus puzzle:


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