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lit birthday candle in shape of number five
No. of Players: 2
Type of Game: written
What you need: pen and paper


To fill a grid with five-letter words.

How to play

A square grid five-by-five in size is drawn. The first player writes a five-letter word anywhere in the grid, horizontally or vertically, and backwards or forwards. The second player does the same, either intersecting the first player's word, or writing it in parallel fashion. Players alternately enter words into the grid until neither player can do so. The last player to have successfully written a word into the grid is the winner.


Abagail draws a five-by-five grid and starts the game by writing the word WATER across the second row.

splashing water waves

Bobby writes TREAT down the fifth column, intersecting the R of the first word. Abagail then writes TENET across the fifth row, which intersects the second T of the previously written word. Bobby intersects two words by writing SWEET down the first column. Abagail chooses to write the similar word SWEAT across the first row.

cake and cupcake with words sweet and treat

Bobby struggles initially, but sees that WASTE fits nicely down the second column. At this point, the grid looks like this:

six words written into a five-by-five grid

Abagail also struggles initially, but then sees that entering A and R into the third row spells out ERASE backwards. Bobby spells out AERIE down the fourth row, suspecting that no other word can now be spelled with the remaining letters.

aerie nest with three eggs

After a few minutes of deliberation, Abagail confirms this suspicion when she gives up and congratulates Bobby on his win.

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