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dictionary book with daffodil on cover
No. of Players: 1+
Type of Game: written or spoken
What you need: pen & paper or nothing


To redefine words in a humorous way.

How to play

A daffynition (daffy + definition) is a playful redefinition of an existing word. Players challenge each other to come up with the most original daffynition. They are each given ten minutes to peruse a dictionary and then reveal their daffynitions to the other players. Or else a gamemaster selects a few words that all players must redefine, and afterwards players vote on the funniest creations. If you are playing alone, you can challenge yourself to see how many original daffynitions you can produce.


appear: a type of fruit [a pear]
crosswords: angry conversation [cross + words]
dilate: to live a long life [die + late]
ketchup: words shouted at the slowest runner [catch + up]
locus: to curse quietly [low + cuss]
multiply: folded toilet paper [multi + ply]
parachute: double barreled shotgun [pair of shoot].
paradox: redundant boat landings [pair of docks].
pasteurize: not for the nearsighted [past + your + eyes].
Russian: to quickly enter a room [rush + in].
Sudafed: brought a government employee to court [sued a fed].

Did you know?

Florists tell us that a daffodil – which they sometimes call a 'daffy' – can reach a height of 20 inches. The flower's stem doesn't have any leaves, and there are about 20 blooms at the top of the stem. Blooms come in various colors, like orange, yellow, pink, green, and white. Here's a few more interesting facts.

five daffodils with colors yellow, green, white, pink, orange

The daffodil is the national flower of Wales. It's said that if you are lucky enough to spot the first daffodil of the season, you will become wealthy the following year.

Welsh flag with dragon holding a daffodil

But you don't need to live in Wales to reap the benefits bestowed by these flowers. Just have someone give you some daffodils. Because gifting a bouquet of these trumpet-shaped springtime blooms is believed to bestow happiness to the recipient. Just be sure to get more than one. A gift of a single daffodil is considered bad luck.

Roman soldier riding chariot carrying a daffodil

The Ancient Romans believed the sap of daffodils had healing qualities. They certainly recognized, as we do today, that it is often poisonous to other plants. The Ancients may have been on to something. Because scientists today are exploring the possibility that a substance called narciclasine, found in the daffodil bulb, may be effective in treating certain types of cancers.

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