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man with dictionary
No. of Players: 2+
Type of Game: spoken
What you need: dictionary


To guess words from their definitions.

How to play

The gamemaster opens a dictionary, chooses a word, and reads just its definition to the other players. Players try to guess the chosen word from its definition alone. The first player to correctly guess the word becomes the gamemaster for the next round. If no one guesses the word correctly, the gamemaster can give additional hints, like giving its etymological root words, its synonyms or antonyms, or he can place that word into a sentence, substituting the word blank for the chosen word. Also, giving the definition of the word just before (or after) the word to be guessed could be helpful to the guesser: if that word is guessed correctly, the first letters of the word to be guessed would likely now be known.


Andre opens Webster's New World Dictionary of the American Language and reads aloud a definition.

Andre: a frame or table equipped with drawers, compartments, etc., and a flat or sloping top for writing, drawing, or reading
Bria: DESK?
Andre: Correct.

He hands the dictionary to Bria who reads aloud another definition.

Bria: containing much water vapor
Chuck: MOIST?
Bria: Incorrect.
Andre: DAMP?
Bria: Nope.
Duke: HUMID?
Bria: Correct.

And so on.

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