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Famous Last Words

No. of Players: 1+
Type of Game: written or spoken
What you need: pen & paper or nothing


To think of what famous people might say just before dying.

How to play

One player names a famous person, either alive or dead, and the other players think of appropriate last words that person might have said just before dying. Answers can be given spontaneously or read aloud after having been written down. The player with the funniest answer gets to choose the next celebrity, or players simply take turns doing so. Alternatively, non-celebrities known to all players can also be suggested, as well as animals, plant life, and even inanimate objects.


Abraham Lincoln: "I have a feeling this play is going to bore me to death."
Mama Cass: "Sure, I'll have another ham sandwich."
Steve Irwin: "Let's go look at the pretty stingray."
Tennessee Williams: "I bet I can spit this bottle cap farther than you."
Wicked Witch of the West: "Go ahead and splash me, I need a wash anyway."
Julius Caesar: "Senators! So good to see you!"
John F. Kennedy: "Bill, let's leave the top down today."
Mosquito: "I think I'll catch a ride with this oncoming car."
Clydesdale horse: "Is that a glue factory? Looks interesting. Think I'll move in for a closer look."
Striped bass: "What? A dangling worm? Must be my lucky day!"

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