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No. of Players: 1+
Type of Game: written
What you need: pen and paper


To create an origin story for a phrase that ends in a pun.

How to play

Players challenge themselves or each other to explain the origins of common phrases. But these origin stories must end in a humorous way, like in a pun. If many people are playing, players can give each other phrases, or select their own. At the end of a specified time limit, a vote can be held to decide the winner, whereby each player votes for the best story (other than their own, of course).


The players agree that they have five minutes to write a story about a common phrase they themselves select. This phrase, however, must have a food theme. They then entertain the group by reading them out loud.

Andy: Here is the origin of the phrase 'A blessing in disguise.' Back in the early 20th century the royal court reporter accompanied the royal family on a picnic. It was a pleasant morning. But as the day rolled into the early afternoon, unbearable heat and humidity descended upon the family. The King and Queen began to get agitated, and the Princes and Princesses started to fight. The fight soon turned into a food fight, and the reporter was ordered away. But not before he recorded these words, spoken by the youngest Prince when he looked upward to follow the trajectory of the salad bowl his sister threw at his older brother: "Look! There's dressing in the skies!"
Bella: Did you know that the phrase 'Remain calm & carry on' has its origins during the great lunch lady strike of 1983? If you are too young to remember, all elementary school cafeterias were effectively shut down for 7 weeks while lunch ladies across our nation walked picket lines. They carried many memorable signs. One of these signs has forever stuck in our collective consciousness. It read: 'Peas Romaine Calm & Carrot On.'
Candy: I did some research and found out the origins of the phrase 'Break the ice.' Apparently it goes back to this poor farmer who was obsessed with preparing for the end of the world. So he stockpiled many things – provisions of all kinds, and especially foodstuffs, including tons of grains. Decades past, however, and the end of the world never came. But the now old man did not despair that all his preparations were a waste of time. Because he opened a restaurant where he became a celebrated chef, renowned for the inventive dishes he made from his stockpile of grains. His most famous dish? You guessed it. It was his 'breakfast of rice.'

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