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Fizz Buzz

glass with bubbles and smiley face
No. of Players: 3+
Type of Game: spoken
What you need: nothing


To substitute words for specific numbers when counting.

How to play

Players take turns counting numbers: the first player counts 'one,' the second player counts 'two,' and so on. But whoever reaches five (or a number that is a multiple of five, like ten or fifteen), that player says 'fizz' instead of the number. Also, numbers that include a five but are not a multiple of five are to be substituted with 'fizz' as well, but only for that part of the number. For instance, 53 would be 'fizz-three.' Any player who makes a mistake, or takes too long to speak, is out of the game.

The game can also be made more difficult by using a number other than five, so players must think carefully before speaking. A word like 'buzz' can also simultaneously be substituted for another number, adding an even greater challenge.


If players agree that 5 and all multiples of 5 will be substituted by 'fizz,' while 3 and all multiples of 3 will be substituted by 'buzz,' the count would begin like this:

one, two, buzz, four, fizz, buzz, seven, eight, buzz, fizz, eleven, buzz, thirteen, fourteen, fizz*... etc

*Note that the number 15 here could either be 'fizz' or 'buzz.'

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