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No. of Players: 4+
Type of Game: spoken
What you need: nothing


To guess a word by asking questions as a group.

How to play

Participants divide into two or more groups of players. One member of each group goes into another room to decide on a secret word together. When they rejoin the others, the players in their respective group begin to ask yes or no questions in an attempt to guess the secret word. The first group of players to guess correctly wins the round and all players who chose the secret word in that round join the winning group of players for the next round. Any group of players that dwindle to just one player is absorbed by another losing group to oppose the winning group in the next round. The overall winner of the game is that group of players which absorbs all players but one – the last player who failed to guess the secret word.


Nine players break up into three groups of three. Archie, Babs, and Cal are in different groups and have been selected to choose the secret word in another room. When they return, the players in their respective groups ask them questions like 'Is it alive?' and 'Can it talk?' Archie's group is the first to correctly guess the word CHICAGO, and his group swells by two players (Babs and Cal). In the next round, this group of five players wins again, swelling by two more players. The two opposing groups of one player each join forces to see if they can win the next round. If not, Archie's original group wins the game with eight players.

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