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Hidden Words

No. of Players: 1+
Type of Game: written or spoken
What you need: pen & paper or nothing


To find words hidden in sentences.

How to play

Players can challenge themselves to look for hidden words in randomly selected sentences from books or newspapers. For instance, in the preceding sentence the words play, lay, layer, layers, scan, an, hall, all, en, get... are hidden. Players can challenge each other to find the greatest number of hidden words in sentences, or else to find a specific word by giving a hint. The first player to find this word would win. Hidden words can also be found in single words instead of sentences.


Anthony, the gamemaster, challenges other players to find specific words hidden in sentences and words of his choosing. He tells them the winner of a round is the first player with a correct response and the player who wins three rounds becomes the next gamemaster. Players can use pen and paper if they wish.

Anthony: Find the number in the word driftwood.
Bob: Two!
Anthony: Correct. In 2016 there were 540 billionaires in the US. What about a king of the beasts?
Carl: Lion!
Anthony: Yes. Find two rhyming boy names in Front me some money for a dozen donuts.
Danny: Ron and Don!
Anthony: Yup. Find two rhyming girl names in It's a myth that the cab bylaw will stop smokers.
Danny: Amy and Abby!
Anthony: Yes. Where does the beast sleep, anywhere near the international airport?
Bob: Lair!
Anthony: Yes. Give me two colors in the sentence Ogre envy is hereditary.
Bob: Green and red!
Anthony: That's Bob's third correct answer, he's now the gamemaster.

And so on.

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