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No. of Players: 2+
Type of Game: spoken
What you need: nothing


To guess a pair of words (which are spelled differently but pronounced the same) given their two different meanings.

How to play

Homophones are words that have different spellings and meanings but have the same pronunciations. The gamemaster thinks of a pair of homophones and tells the other players their definitions. The first player to raise his hand gets to guess at the words. If the player incorrectly guesses the words, he drops out of the round. But if he guesses correctly, he becomes the gamemaster for the next round. The player who is gamemaster for the most rounds is the overall winner. Players can also be required to correctly spell the homophones.

Here's a list of 1500 homophones.


Atticus: What homophone pair means 'letters and packages' and 'the opposite of female?'
Belinda: That's easy. They're spelled M–A–I–L and M–A–L–E. One definition is 'a small wingless jumping insect' and the other is 'to run away.'
Atticus: F–L–E–A and F–L–E–E. How about 'to have consumed food' and a word that is equivalent to 'four less than a dozen.'
Cass: The answer is A–T–E and E–I–G–H–T. Definition one is 'a confusing network of paths' and definition two is a synonym for 'corn.'
Dominique: M–A–Z–E and M–I–A–Z–E. What is a...
Atticus: You spelled MAIZE wrong. You're out. Cass goes again.
Cass: What words mean 'highway' and 'to have sat on and controlled the movement of an animal'?
Elaine: R–O–A–D and R–O–D–E.

And so on.

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