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No. of Players: 2+
Type of Game: spoken
What you need: nothing


To make and guess puns using people's names.

How to play

This word game plays off of the classic knock-knock joke. The first player says "Knock-knock" and the second player, standing behind an imaginary door, answers "Who's there?" The first player gives a name and the second player has a certain amount of time to guess what pun the first player is thinking of by using that name.


Angelina: Knock-knock.
Bea: Who's there?
Angelina: Ima.
Bea: Ima who?
Angelina: Ima real cold out here, let me in!
Charlotte: Knock-knock.
Daisy: Who's there?
Charlotte: Barry.
Daisy: Barry who?
Charlotte: Barry the lede, why don't cha?
Enoch: Knock-knock.
Fletcher: Who's there?
Enoch: Anita.
Fletcher: (thinking) Anita cup of sugar?
Enoch: (laughing) Close... Anita bed for the night!

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