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Letter Bank

No. of Players: 2+
Type of Game: written
What you need: pen and paper


To find a word or phrase using the letters of a shorter word.

How to play

A letter bank word is a type of anagram. It can be thought of as the 'seed' for the formation of longer words or phrases. To qualify as a letter bank word for a particular word or phrase, each letter in the letter bank word must be used at least once, with at least one letter being used more than one time.

In this word game, the gamemaster provides players letter bank words. The first player to correctly guess the longer word or phrase becomes the next gamemaster.


Amelia prepares seven letter bank word puzzles for Barry and Carol. She tells them the first player to correctly solve all seven puzzles, or to correctly solve the most within 10 minutes, becomes the next gamemaster.

(1) The emcee tried half a dozen MIKES before he found one that worked. Can you guess which Florida city the ceremony was in? Hint: it is just south of Orlando.
(2) She was desperately trying not to be LATE for work again this morning. Although her boss came in after her and wouldn't know, Daryl would surely tell him. He was such a ________!
(3) The sitcom ALF was funny enough, but The Little Rascals was better. I loved ________.
(4) LENDS ➔ ________ (eternity, perpetuation)
(5) She took her CUES from the best. That is what made her such a ________.
(6) He applied himself to his ________ studies, imagining he would one day REIGN over the construction industry.
(7) He feared that within TEN days the two countries would break their ________ and go to war.



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