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Like My Secret?

No. of Players: 2+
Type of Game: written and spoken
What you need: pen and paper


To explain how your word relates to another person's word.

How to play

The gamemaster thinks of a word for a thing or the name of a person. That word or name is written down and momentarily kept as a secret. The other players then try to guess the secret, which the gamemaster notes on a piece of paper. Once all players have made their guesses, the gamemaster reveals the secret, and one-by-one asks the players the following question: "Why is [my secret word] like [your guess]?" Since the odds of actually guessing the secret word are slim, this game is largely non-competitive. But players can agree that the player with the funniest answer gets to be the gamemaster for the next round.


Abby is the first gamemaster and she writes down her secret word. The other four players make their guesses:

Bobby: Elvis
Carol: Snow flake.
Darby: Typewriter.
Ernie: Cinder block.
Abby: My secret word was actually 'Bobby!' So, Bobby, why are you like Elvis?
Bobby: (beaming) Because I'm the king of cool.
Abby: Carol, why is Bobby like a snow flake?
Carol: Because he needs everything perfect, or he will melt. (Bobby smirks, they all laugh)
Abby: Darby, why is Bobby like a typewriter?
Darby: Because he is hopelessly out-of-date. (Bobby rolls his eyes, laughter continues)
Abby: And Ernie, why is Bobby like a cinder block?
Ernie: Because his head is just as hard. (Bobby groans, again laughter)
Abby: OK, because Bobby was such a good sport, I say he's the next gamemaster. Agreed?
Everyone: Yes!

And so on.

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