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Make It Fit

No. of Players: 2+
Type of Game: written and spoken
What you need: pen and paper


To answer a question using a particular word.

How to play

Each player is given two slips of paper. On one slip they write a question. On the other slip they write a single word that is not related to the question. On the back of both slips they write their initials. The slips are collected into two separate piles and shuffled. The players then take a slip from each pile, making sure they do not get their own slips. One-by-one the players read aloud the slip with the question, and then answer it in one sentence that includes the single word on the other slip. This game tests the creativity of the players, at times pushing their imaginations past the breaking point in order to answer random questions with random words.


After the players write their questions and single words, the slips of paper are collected, shuffled and redistributed back to the players. Here are the results of the first round.

Aston: How far is it to Milwaukee? It is approximately 65,000,000 keys laid end-to-end.
Bennett: What's the best movie of 1998? It was with that big boat that carried a woman's brush.
Clara: When do you truly feel alive? When I make a tuna melt sandwich.
Delaney: What is 1+1? It is the number of pillows on my bed.
Evelyn: Why is the sky blue? It is blue because we are too short to see it black with stars.
Fabian: Will it rain tomorrow? Let's all chip in and bribe the meteorologist to tell us.
George: Who is the nosiest person you know? It is someone who never knows the time.
Hannah: Do clothes make the man? If he comes from the right country it does.
Ike: How do we fix income inequality? By not allowing people to leer at each other.
Jesse: How ambitious am I? When I decorate with abandon, I am very ambitious.
Kevin: What is the worst day of the week? They are all bad because none come with a balloon.
Lily: What did you want to be as a kid? Someone brave enough to go in the deep end of the pool.

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