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No. of Players: 1+
Type of Game: written
What you need: pen and paper


To create and spot misprinted words or phrases.

How to play

Misprinted words or phrases unintentionally appear in newspapers and magazines daily, often to humorous effect. But a game can be based on misprints when players intentionally change a letter or two in a popular book or movie title, or well-known saying. Players first prepare their misprints to present to the other players. Those other players then either simply enjoy the incongruous and punning results of that effort, or compete with each other to be the first to identify and explain the misprint if it is not immediately obvious.

This word game is similar to Malapropisms.


A group of people spend 15 minutes preparing misprints on their own. They then present them, one at a time, to the others for a reaction.

The ill Cosby Show a TV show about a doctor who is always sick
Doctor Strangeglove a film about a man who never worries about chapped hands
A piece of rake a saying on the difficulty of yardwork
The Son Also Rises Ernest Hemingway's little-known Biblical novel
West Slide Story a playground musical
A ship on your shoulder tales of a coastal giant
Citizen Lame far from being the greatest movie of all time
Soy Story a movie about vegan toys
Curiosity killed the hat or why investigators should leave their heads bare
Grave New World a novel with a plot set in a cemetery
The early bird gets the germ a saying on the importance of being late

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