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Missing Vowels

No. of Players: 2+
Type of Game: spoken
What you need: nothing


To guess words whose vowels have been omitted.

How to play

The gamemaster thinks of a word and spells it out loud to the other players, but does not spell out the vowels. Players compete with each other to be the first to correctly say the word. Players can also be required to spell the word, including its vowels, after they say it. The game can be made easier if the gamemaster gives the category the word belongs to, like animal, country, sports team, or famous person. The first player to say (and spell) a word which fits all the criteria is the winner, even if it is not the word the gamemaster originally had in mind.

In another variation of this game, players can take turns asking each other to spell words without saying any of the vowels.


After a series of coin flips, Aileen is elected to become the first gamemaster.

Aileen: Can you add vowels to the letters R – S – V – L – T to make a U. S. President?
Benicio: ROOSEVELT! How about the letters C – H – T – H to make an animal?
Aileen : (after a minute of silence) Can you give us a hint?
Benicio: It's a fast land animal.
Carlo: CHEETAH! Ok, the letters P – R – S will make a famous city.
D'Arcy: Oui, oui, PARIS! Add vowels to get an 80's popstar to these letters: M – D – N – N.
Carlo: MADONNA! Add vowels to R – T – H to get a planet.
Aileen: EARTH!

And so on.

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