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Multiple Meanings

No. of Players: 2+
Type of Game: spoken
What you need: nothing


To guess words which have more than two meanings.

How to play

The gamemaster thinks of a word which has three or more meanings. For example, principal can mean first in order of importance, denoting the original sum of money invested, or the head of a school. These definitions are told to the other players who must then guess the mystery word. The first player to correctly do so becomes the gamemaster for the next round. The player who is gamemaster for the most rounds is the overall winner.

This game is similar to Homonyms.


Andrew is elected to be the first gamemaster.

Andrew: What word means a large piece of solid material, an area bounded by four streets in a city, and an obstacle to normal functioning?
Brandon: Block. Guess this word, it means to lift or move to a higher position, bring up children, increase a poker stake, increase in salary, construct...
Clara: I know I know! The word is raise. How about to move your hand side-to-side in a greeting, a ridge of curling water breaking on the shore, and the sudden increase to the usual number of events?
Dominic: Wave. I got one. This word means a piece of sawed lumber often used for floors, the decision-making group of people of an organization, daily meals when staying somewhere in return for payment, and to get onto a train or ship, especially when it is about to depart.
Ernie: Board...

And so on.

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