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Off The Cuff

No. of Players: 3+
Type of Game: spoken
What you need: a timer


To improvise a speech from one player to another.

How to play

This is a variation of the word game Just A Minute.

One player is the umpire. The umpire's initial job is to choose the subject of the speech. A second player begins to speak about this subject without pausing or repeating himself, and importantly, without making a mockery of the subject. In other words, the player must treat the subject seriously, and ideally speak like an expert on the subject. After the set time limit has passed (usually 30 seconds), the third player continues the speech from where it was left off, passing it on to the fourth player, and so on. The umpire removes anyone guilty of pausing, repeating or wildly deviating off the subject. The last player left is the winner and becomes the umpire for the next improvised speech.

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