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One Hundred Word Challenge

No. of Players: 1+
Type of Game: written
What you need: pen and paper


To write something using one hundred different words.

How to play

Writing a list of one hundred different words is easy enough. But composing something that long that does not contain any duplicate words – and still makes reasonable sense – is much more difficult. In this game players challenge themselves or others to create such a piece of writing, and then judge the results. They vote for the best piece (other than their own) and the player who gets the most votes wins the game. A time limit may be set. A player who mistakenly duplicates a word, or does not meet the one hundred word threshold within the time limit, is automatically disqualified.


The two players agree on a ten minute time limit.

Augustine's story:

"I went to the beach early Saturday before it started raining, but Sandra and John had already left. Those two both said they would be there, so my feelings were hurt big time. Stan arrived, sat down, complained about sand, heat, plus Mondays. Tuesday are better. Heather will agree with him when she knows. He really does not know her. Regardless, methinks bad things never nice heard. Later on Thursday Mister Howell came into bay accompanied by Miss Jenkins' pet iguana. Weird. However, every being deserves a hug anyway. Wherever, whenever sentients exist, our duty: make peace. Ok, tired. Bye!"

Benson's story:

"Lucy always intended to just learn how peddle bicycle and that's it. Never doing so as a child because her father was very overprotective, she first attempted straddling two wheels only the age of thirty. Fast forward twenty years, will competitive biking ever recover? Negative. Five gold medals summer Olympics in Athens, four golden bike locks from Chicago closed track competitions. There is no way beating this woman. When young, lassie forever fit. Brother Steve too, he had extremely powerful thighs, calves, leg muscles generally speaking. Sister accused him using steroids. Not true, but one time tried that. Big mistake. Won't do again for sure."

Both players like each others' stories well enough, but neither is willing to admit their own story is not as good as their competitor's. They call in a neutral judge, Camila, for a ruling. She commends them both, but notes how Augustine veers off at the end while Benson maintains a more coherent story line. She therefore declares Benson the winner.

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