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Pardon My French

frenchman with wine, bread and a beret
No. of Players: 1+
Type of Game: written or spoken
What you need: pen & paper or nothing


To think of alternative translations for foreign expressions.

How to play

This game challenges you and others to think of different ways foreign words or phrases can be translated into English. Players need not understand the true translation to play this game. Because comical results are often possible by reading foreign expressions as if they were actual English words or phrases (albeit with misspellings). Or by listening to the foreign pronunciation and imagining what English words or phrases they sound like. French expressions work well, but nothing prevents players from using expressions from different languages.


faux pas ➔ to make an enemy of one's father
film noir ➔ a non-R rated movie
mise en table ➔ mice on the table
roman à clef ➔ an Italian cliff
triage ➔ an old tree
liaison ➔ Leia's son
au revoir ➔ O. Revere (Paul's brother)
baguette ➔ bag it
baguette ➔ bad etiquette
poisson ➔ poisonous fish
buenas noches ➔ bonus nachos
hasta luego ➔ overcooked pasta
knackwurst ➔ a terrible door knocker
poltergeist ➔ a pole vaulting ghost

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