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Paring Down Pairs

No. of Players: 2+
Type of Game: written
What you need: pen and paper


To solve clues to find pairs of words, and to isolate the word that does not belong.

How to play

The gamemaster prepares a set of common word pairs with clues to these pairs. These two-word combinations are then listed alphabetically, along with the addition of an extra word which is not paired with another word in the list. The other players are to use the clues to match up the words with their intended partner so that only the odd word is left. The first player to successfully 'pare down the pairs' and isolate the odd word becomes the next gamemaster.


Ajay prepares a list of 8 clues and 16 open compound words for the players. He alphabetizes this list, adding one additional word, for a total of 17 words. He instructs the players to isolate the odd word by solving the clues to match up 16 of these words into 8 pairs. The first player to do so gets to create the next game.


  1. Ground, dry-roasted food paste.
  2. One of five basic elements using a power tool.
  3. Lengthy shore in California.
  4. Pavement that doesn't weigh too much.
  5. Disguised surface of a thing.
  6. Useless, tusked gift lacking color.
  7. Not dead, with a lot of space.
  8. Deceased greenbacks.


beach, butter, dead, drill, elephant, face, fire, light, living, long, mask, peanut, pigeon, presidents, room, street, white


  1. peanut butter
  2. fire drill
  3. long beach
  4. street light
  5. face mask
  6. white elephant
  7. living room
  8. dead presidents

odd word out: pigeon

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