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No. of Players: 4+
Type of Game: spoken
What you need: nothing


To guess a word from one-word clues.

How to play

Players divide into two teams of two or more players. The gamemaster whispers a mystery word to one player in each team; the same mystery word is whispered to each team. The player in the first team then tries to get his teammates to guess the mystery word by giving them a one-word clue. If the mystery word is correctly guessed, that team earns 10 points and the gamemaster resets the game with a new word. But if the word is incorrectly guessed, play passes to the second team where the player who knows the mystery word gives a one-word clue to his teammates. Again, 10 points are awarded for a correct guess and again, play reverts back to the other team for an incorrect guess. This process repeats. Although in the second round 9 points are awarded instead of 10, with the third round being worth 8 points, the fourth 7 points, and so on. This is because, with successive rounds, the guessers hear a growing list of clues, so it should theoretically be easier and easier to guess the mystery word. If the word is not guessed after 10 rounds, no team scores any points and a new mystery word is introduced by the gamemaster. The first team to reach 100 points wins.


Amos whispers the mystery word to both Barry and Carmella who are acting as their respective team’s leaders.

Amos: First round is for 10 points. Team 1, you are first.
Barry (to Dafne): Swallow.
Dafne: Eating?
Amos: Incorrect. Team 2, your turn.
Carmella (to Elon): Sore.
Elon: Bird.
Amos: Incorrect. Second round is 9 points. Team 1?
Barry (to Dafne): Neck.
Dafne: Throat?
Amos: Correct. Team 1 earns 9 points.
Elon (to everyone): Rats! I heard S-O-A-R, and ‘swallow’ as in ‘martin’ or ‘saw-wing’...

And so on.

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