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No. of Players: 2+
Type of Game: written and spoken
What you need: pen and paper


To guess a word or phrase from a picture.

How to play

This word game is similar to Give Us A Clue, but drawings are substituted for miming. Players divide into two teams. One member of one team is given a word or phrase by the gamemaster, who is then given a certain amount of time to draw a picture representation of this word or phrase. The drawer's team scores points for correctly guessing this word or phrase. But if they fail, the other team has a chance to guess it. To ease gameplay, the gamemaster can first identify the type of word or phrase to be guessed. For instance, it may be a popular saying or proverb, or the title of a movie or TV show.

Alternatively, a player from each team is told the same word or phrase at the same time. Players take their guesses directly to the gamemaster who gives them another word or phrase to draw and guess if they are correct. The team that successfully guesses all the words and phrases on the gamemaster's list, or correctly guesses the most within a certain amount of time, is deemed the winning team.

In another version, there is no gamemaster and players do not form teams. Rather, they draw their own chosen word or phrase and present it to the other players. The player who guesses correctly is the next presenter.


In preparation for this game, three players draw pictures to represent the word or phrase they themselves chose. Here are the pictures with their solutions:

circle with '10 cents' inside next to one dozen eggs
crossed out cigar with reaching hand
silhouette of bat and stick figure man

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