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Professional Eaters

chef cooking stew
No. of Players: 1+
Type of Game: written or spoken
What you need: pen & paper or nothing


To think of appropriate foods for people in various professions.

How to play

Players challenge themselves and others to think of suitable foods and beverages for people to eat and drink according to their profession. If playing in a group, one player names a type of job, craft, skill, trade or occupation. The other players then try to think what those people might consume by using a pun or some other link to their profession.


Alison calls out various professions from a list she previously prepared. Here are the best responses she got for each one:

Speech Pathologist ➔ taco (as in talk-o)
Geometry Teacher ➔ pie (as in pi)
Taxi Driver ➔ cabbage (as in cab)
Veterinarian ➔ hot dog
Doctor ➔ coffee (as in cough and fee)
Yeggman ➔ crackers
Podiatrist ➔ tomatoes (as in toes)
Mixologist ➔ barbecue (as in bar)
Matchmaker ➔ meatloaf (as in meet)
Translator ➔ french fries
Pedicurist ➔ corn
Radio Operator ➔ ham (as in ham radio)
Truck Driver ➔ macaroni (as in Mack trucks)

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