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Railway Carriage Game

No. of Players: 3+
Type of Game: written and spoken
What you need: pen and paper


To introduce a given sentence into a conversation.

How to play

The gamemaster writes down unusual (but not absurd) sentences on separate pieces of paper, and gives one to each player. The players then conduct a normal conversation, attempting to seamlessly slip in their secret sentences without the others knowing. Once they all do so, they keep conversing until the gamemaster stops them. The players then attempt to guess the secret sentences of the other players. The player who correctly identifies the most secret sentences becomes the gamemaster for the next round, and the player who wins the most rounds is crowned the grand champion.


Armond hands Babette and Cally each a piece of paper with different secret sentences. They start their conversation:

Babette: Do you have any vacation plans this year?
Cally: Yes, I'm thinking about going up north.
Babette: Whereabouts? You mentioned you had a cabin about an hour from here once to me.
Cally: No, much farther north than that. I'm talking like the Arctic.
Babette: What?!? Well, you'll have to fly by bush plane.
Cally: I can't afford that. I'll need to win the lottery.
Babette: I'm just saying it's the fastest. It's going to take longer by car.
Cally: I just want to get away from the summer heat. The mosquitoes are bigger this year.
Babette: I'm off to New Orleans to practice my French. It's good to know a second language.
Cally: I was there once. I got sick on seafood.
Babette: Did it ruin your trip?
Cally: I was over it in two days, so not really.
Armond: Ok, stop! Time to guess. Babette, what was Cally's secret sentence?
Babette: I'm pretty sure it was "I'll need to win the lottery."
Armond: And Cally, what was Babette's?
Cally: It was likely "It's good to know a second language."
Armond: You are both wrong! Babette's was "It's going to take longer by car" and Cally's was "The mosquitoes are bigger this year." We'll need another round to decide a winner.

And so on.

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