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Roman Words

No. of Players: 1+
Type of Game: written
What you need: pen and paper


To substitute letters for Roman numerals in words or sentences.

How to play

Roman numerals use seven letters to express numerical values. These letters, with their base numerical values, are:

I   V   X   L   C   D   M
1   5   10   50   100   500   1,000

By substituting letters in words for these Roman numerals, word games can be created to either challenge yourself or other players. You can also bend the rules to broaden the possibilities. For instance, you can use I for the letter J, V for the letter U, and two V’s for the letter W.


Alec challenges the other players to think of as many words as they can just using Roman numerals, like LIVID or DILL, with the winner having the longest list or the longest single word.

Brandi asks questions looking for specific responses composed entirely of Roman numerals, like "Give me a word that means polite or well-mannered." (answer: CIVIL)

Cory asks "What word is represented by this string of letters and numbers: E10E100VTXN?" (answer: EXECUTION)

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